Batik by the Crazies

– The crazies are out of the hospital.

That’s what Upendo – expert batik maker in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam – said about our “freestyle” techniques of applying wax by hand in various imaginative ways, patterns and layers, as she taught me and Polish artist Ewa Kolkuska about her craft.  We experimented for two long days with sponge stamps, brushes and dyes. The collaboration was great fun and the process enchanting since we could never predict what the pieces would look like when the wax came off.

Back in Nairobi we now begin  creating a new line from our own batik.  Let’s see what we make of these.

Photo: Lars Johansson

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  1. marioncroft
    marioncroft says:

    Oh my glory but what magic to see the transformation of the material after the process. So many lovely pieces, Ruth. These will definitely add to your already good reputation!


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