Blackfly in has an article about “The Burgeoning Fashion Landscape in Kenya“, with a nice mention of Blackfly:


Kenya’s fashion scene is a colorful boom of vibrancy within every social stratus imaginable, from studios in the hustle of Nairobi’s bustling street markets, to glamorous stores and fashion houses all over the capital’s wealthier districts. However, it wasn’t so much the varied financial spectrum that left a sense of admiration, but rather the cultural diversity.

A strong impression was left on me by Black Fly, started by designer Ruth Abade, whose detailed craftsmanship has a clear Italian influence. This is merged with a sense of home and environmental awareness, with stunning results: custom-made jackets, skirts, belts, and one-off leather clutches. The clutches were created using old leather jackets, and so each was one-of-a-kind, expertly intertwined with both Kenyan and Italian sensibilities.

Thanks to model and blogger Marcel Temba through whom we met with the writer.