The Hustle and Bustle

My  job as a fashion designer with a soft spot for recycling is interesting, but not as glamorous as one might think.  Most of the time it’s a hustle and bustle, walking for miles in crowded, noisy, muddy areas; scavenging through heaps of stuff discarded on the other side of the planet;  chasing down artisans or someone who might know where I can find this or that little item, and all the time trying to decide if this colour or texture or material will be fit for this or that project.

So the other day I ventured into what must be one of the world’s largest markets for mitumba, second-hand clothes, looking for leather for several upcoming projects. My friend Zoe came along. Our first stop was at John’s leather jacket stall. A couple of hours later we left with a hired porter carrying two dozen jackets to the nearest place where we could catch a tuktuk.

Come back in September and I’ll show you what we made of all this leather.

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